Frequently Asked Questions

When are courses available to book with CSU?

We will open bookings on Wednesday 17th June 2024.

When can I view the CSU courses available this year?

You can view all of CSU’s 2024 courses from Wednesday 5th June.

What dates will CSU run this year?

We will be running courses from Thursday 25th July - Friday 23rd August, this excludes weekends and bank holidays

I am a parent, can I attend a course with my child to supervise?

If your child is registered as having a disability and is in need of additional support from a carer then yes you can come to support your child. We no longer offer additional support.

My child has severe learning disabilities, is transportation included to and from the course?

No we do not offer transport facilities, all students must back their way to our venues and it is up to the parent if they accompany a young person to a venue.

Parents are on holiday and I am staying with a friend, I am unable to get the consent form signed, who can sign it in their absence?

We do not accept any consent form unless it is signed by the parent/guardian who looks after you

How long does it take to get confirmation that I am booked on a course from the time I requested a place?

No bookings are processed without the CSU office receiving the consent form. Make sure you email the consent form whilst you whilst you complete a booking request or you may not get the place you requested. Bookings are processed at the date of receiving the consent form, if you have forgotten to email it spaces do go to other students with consent forms even if they requested a booking after you.

What are the contact times for the Camden summer university staff?

CSU office is open 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday

Can I bring a friend who does live in the borough on the day of my course?

No, you have reserved one space which is just for you. If a friend is interested in doing the same course as you they must register with CSU, request the booking and have sent the consent form in advance.

Can I bring a friend who does not live in the borough but I do?

No, CSU is just for young people who live in Camden or go to a Camden maintained school.

I have a relative visiting from abroad and I live in Camden, can I bring them to my course?

No, anyone who is not registered as living in the UK and living in Camden cannot apply for CSU.

Is lunch included?

Lunch is not included. Please bring a packed lunch or in some cases you are allowed off site for lunch where you can buy food.

Do I have to pay to take part in CSU?

No CSU is a free provision provided by Camden council for residents and students who go to a Camden council supported school.

I do not live or go to a Camden maintained school, can I still apply?

No this is just a provision for Camden residents and students who go to a Camden council supported school.

I am staying with relatives who live in Camden but I do not, can I apply?

No, you are not registered as living in Camden and will be treated as an out of borough student.

I have just finished year 13 in a Camden maintained school but I do not live in the borough, can I apply?

No, as you no longer go to a Camden maintained school you are treated as an out of borough student.