Spoken word

Spoken word poetry is the sharing of experiences, the telling of stories, and the use of performance to move people with your words.

It is a powerful medium that has transformed poetry, democratising it, making it for and about everyone. On this two-day course, you will learn the craft of writing performance poetry, of wooing people with your metaphors and similes, and of building a world out of verbal images and real emotions. Then, after having sculpted your ideas, you will get your pieces performance ready, learning where to pause, which words to stress, what to do to pack an emotional punch and move people with laughter and with empathy. Spoken word is about more than poetry, more than performance, it is about you and your stories. Sign up to this course to share them - the world is ready to listen! Performances can be recorded and uploaded to the Summer University YouTube site. The room will be marked out for social distancing. Please respect others by respecting social distancing.

Film, Media & ICT
Film, Media & ICT Film, Media & ICT



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14 years to 19



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Monday 09th August - 10:30 AM to 03:30 PM
Tuesday 10th August - 10:30 AM to 03:30 PM

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Wednesday 16th June

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Monday 02nd August


Film, Media & ICT


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