Cyber security

Did you know that each time you visit a website you are leaving a digital footprint that makes you identifiable and traceable?

Your use of social media allows companies to build a clear profile of you: your age, your opinions, and your behaviour. Using the internet, apps, or programs can leave you vulnerable to hackers or scammers. In an ever-more digitised world, cyber security is affecting everyone from students online to government agents. It is time to get savvy. This introduction will teach you about hackers around the world and ways to improve your own internet security and privacy. Take control of your information before someone else does.

Film, Media & ICT
Film, Media & ICT Film, Media & ICT



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14 years to 19


Camden City Learning Centre

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Monday 05th August - 10:30 AM to 03:15 PM
Tuesday 06th August - 10:30 AM to 03:15 PM
Wednesday 07th August - 10:30 AM to 03:15 PM

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Wednesday 19th June

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Friday 02nd August


Film, Media & ICT





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Wheelchair accessible

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